Holiday Rates are Subject to change.


Please call for details and reservations

Hours of Operation



Sunday thru Thursday                     Noon to Midnight

Friday and Saturday                        Noon to 2:00 am






We're Here After Hours almost every night. CALL FIRST



1 Person Mon-Thurs Noon to 6 pm                            $20.00

1 Person Mon-Thurs After 6 pm till Midnight            $30.00

2 People Mon-Thurs  Noon till  Midnight                  $30.00

2 People Fri, Sat, Sun Noon till 2:00 am                   $30.00


Each additional guest beyond a party of 2 only $10.00


To add Sauna to the room only $5.00 per hour regardless of

number of people.


Usually open later than regular hours of operation.

                   Call first before driving.


After hours rates are based on a party of two and the

rates are as follows: $45.00 per hour for up to 2 people

and $10.00 per hour for each additional guest beyond

the initial party.


**After Hours Rates Apply Sunday thru Thursday if check-in is 12:30 am

     or later and on Friday or Saturday if check-in is 1:15 am or later.**




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